About Us

Dates have been cultivated in ancient Mesopotamia
since 4000 BC, home to the great Babylonian Empire,
Once the capital of the world & the cradle of civilization.
Today, date syrup is loved for its rich flavor and nutrition.

Dates are a superfood, a delicious exotic fruit that grows on
palm trees, hence, our palm tree logo. Date palms thrive in areas
with high temperatures and low humidity, hence, the desert oasis
background on our home page!

Date syrup is extracted naturally from dates, a very dry fruit,
the reason why our syrup has a very rich thick texture. A truly
unique flavor, we can't even begin to describe how amazing it
tastes, surely your taste buds will get confused... in a good way!

Not only is date syrup extremely delicious, it's very
rich in nutrients as well! Checkout our Health & Nutrition page HERE.

Date syrup can make almost anything taste better! Checkout our
Uses & Recipes page HERE.